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How to Optimise Your Menu Through Visuals

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Restaurants often overlook the importance of their menu. What they don’t know is that menus can be a very useful marketing tool in attracting more customers. It is the vehicle that promotes their food to patrons and it is usually the first thing they will search for online to determine whether there is something they…

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How Restaurants can Thrive
During School Holidays

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School holidays have arrived and we all know what that means, every man and his dog is out and about. Families are out to spend some quality time with the kids, which inevitably means popular family friendly restaurants reach their capacity very quickly. And as more people dine out, the more demanding it is for…

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The Problem with Queueing in Restaurants

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Queueing – it is that inevitable part of dining in a fast-casual restaurant, bar, club, or pub where customers have to line up to place their order. Some customers have the patience to wait, while others simply walk away at the sight of a long line. But all the same: it poses problems in the…

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