Eliminating Merchant Fees
through Mobile Ordering

02 May 2019 | Blog

The cost to run a restaurant is nothing short of colossal, and it is time business owners look for ways to reduce or eliminate costs where they can. From labour to rent, equipment, merchant facilities, delivery platforms and of course, the food and drink, these costs continue to leave business owners questioning whether it is even worth keeping the doors open. Especially when new competitors are entering the market so often, it can be a real struggle to keep up.


It is no surprise that the biggest cost to venues is labour, but one we hear of less is the cost to run a cashless payment facility. These days customers almost demand the option to pay with card—some will barely ever carry cash on them. This push for credit and debit card use has resulted in business owners being left with no choice but to meet the needs of their customers by offering a cashless solution. And because demand is high, the banks have been able to charge venue owners exponential amounts in merchant fees. So, where does this leave the venue? Some will request the customer pay a minimum fee to use the facility, whereas others simply wear the cost.


The good news is, mobile ordering solutions like TableTime are leading the way in removing merchant fees from business owners by offering patrons a convenient payment solution at a small cost.  By charging the customer for convenience, the venue has the ability to reap back some of those costs they would have ordinarily had to wear themselves. See how a mobile ordering solution can benefit your business by reducing fees and providing a better service to your customers.


No More Merchant Fees

The best thing about TableTime is that it offers a genuine service to patrons and thus, a compelling reason for them to pay. Too often, business owners are the ones wearing the cost of technology when they are simply trying to do the right thing by their patrons. Let’s face it, you got into this game to offer customers excellent food and service – not to wear the cost of expensive technology for your customers. TableTime strives to offer a win-win solution by removing those technology fees from venues and charging the patron a small fee for the convenience of not having to line up or wait to order.


Order and Pay Without the Wait

TableTime is an app-based platform that gives patrons the ability to search for food, order and pay all from their mobile device. This means they could be on their way home from work and have dinner ready and waiting. It also means, on a busy game day at the pub, they could simply order from their phone without having to line up at the counter. This convenient service means customers no longer have to wait just to place an order. It streamlines the process for them as well as the business processing the order.


Reduce Manual Labour

The other benefit of a mobile ordering platform like TableTime is that it removes the task of manual order entry with staff by putting it back to the customer. This effectively means that staff can be redeployed to carry out other duties or in some cases, fewer staff members may be required to be on duty. Whether it is reducing labour costs or simply having the ability to offer better customer service, it is definitely a reason to consider implementing a mobile ordering platform like TableTime.

In summary, it is time business owners explore alternative solutions to serve their customers and reduce costs. Not all technology comes with a cost, especially where the objective is to serve a customer need. If you are interested in finding out more about TableTime and how we can reduce your merchant fees, get in touch with us via our website www.tabletime.com.au.