How Food Ordering Apps Can Help You Boost Sales

23 Jan 2019 | Blog

There are no signs that the restaurant industry is slowing down, with new restaurants and cafes popping up all the time. Unfortunately for business owners, this means more competition to stand out from the crowd. Because of the rise in new businesses, there is relentless pressure for venues to attract more customers and increase customer loyalty. Venues who are prepared to try new things, initiate fresh approaches, explore “gimmicks and themes” and increase convenience for their patrons will make it hard for others to compete. Venues that aren’t willing to budge and rely solely on traditional methods to stay in the game, won’t get the best ROI (return of investment). In fact, they, run the risk of losing business and some may eventually be forced to close their doors.

So, how does your restaurant get ahead of the competition?

Consider using food ordering apps like TableTime! With technology constantly improving the way we go about our day-to-day lives, it comes as no surprise that an ordering app is going to help benefit both businesses and customers alike.

More time to browse means more sales

With the TableTime app, customers can take their time to browse through the menu, with no urgency to place their order. We’ve all experienced that feeling of pressure to place an order quickly, particularly when you have a line of people standing behind you. But by giving your customers the luxury of time, this often results in the customer ordering more items.  In fact, research indicates that customers who use food ordering apps, can order up to 30% more when compared to traditional ordering methods, such as those placed over the counter. This then leads to your ultimate goal – more orders equals more sales and increased revenue for your business.

Cross-selling sells

TableTime provides an amazing opportunity for venues to up-sell and cross-sell by offering sides, drinks, meal add-ons, entrees, and extras to go with the main order. By giving your customers more time to order, and more items to choose from, they might decide to order something they ordinarily wouldn’t have even considered. Keep in mind, all of these options are at the fingertips of your customer… temptation is literally only a tap away. This technique helps to increase your customers’ purchase size, and hence, sales for your business.

Order and play while-you-wait

Traditionally, customers have to line up to order their drinks, which can take a considerable amount of time. But with TableTime, customers can order what they want on their phone and have it delivered right to their table, without ever having to line up. They can continue socialising with friends and family, enjoy another drink from the bar, or even take advantage of some of the other recreational activities your venue has to offer. By giving your customers the opportunity to do something other than wait in line to order, you increase the capacity to drive more sales within your venue. This also adds to your customers’ level of satisfaction which means they are more likely to stay in your venue for longer.   

Make the most out of your customers in your venue and think about how food ordering apps can help at a holistic level from drinks and food, through to the variety of activities on offer. Positive experiences for customers will increase sales and encourage customer loyalty.  

Tech-Minded Customers

Most people today have grown up using technology, and aren’t afraid of apps and devices.  Customers are more tech-savvy than we often give them credit for, and more often now, they are using their smart devices to improve experiences, increase convenience and enhance their everyday lives.  When ordering with TableTime, they will experience a user-friendly, fast, convenient and simple way to order food and drinks through their smart devices.

TableTime has so much to offer your venue and will go a long way in staying competitive and in the minds of your customer, whilst increasing sales and revenue. For more information on how to partner with TableTime, visit

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