Why Pre-order and Pick-up Beats Delivery

13 Mar 2019 | Blog

The food delivery industry has taken Australia by storm in the past few years, but what many customers and restaurant owners are only just starting to realise is that the quality of food may be compromised once it has left the building. Offering customers the opportunity to order takeaway online is essential in today’s restaurants market. In fact, customers now almost demand it as an option. But what most customers are unaware of are the risks associated with having their food delivered to their home or work. More often now, restaurant owners are seeking alternative solutions to offer their customers the same convenience without compromising the quality of their food or service.


Using a platform like TableTime which offers customers the option of ordering their takeaway online and picking it up themselves, has a multitude of benefits for your business and allows you to avoid the potential downfall that comes with food delivery platforms.  Here are some of the ways you can benefit from an order ahead app like TableTime:


Confidence in Quality


There is a lot that goes into the preparation of a good quality meal, from the timing of when to prepare it, to the equipment required to keep the food stored correctly until it is consumed. The trouble with food delivery is that you have no control over the food once it has left your venue. Often problems occur when delivery drivers take a long time to deliver a meal to the customer. Sometimes they will even tamper with the food themselves. This can end in your customers getting food poisoning or at the very least, feeling unsatisfied with their meal which may have become cold or soggy. Part of the problem here is that delivery drivers are not incentivised to maintain the quality of control over the meal. With a platform like TableTime, you remove the delivery component which means food can be stored safely until your customer is ready to collect it.


Controlled Customer Experience


The trouble with food delivery platforms is that you lose control over what happens to your food once it has left your venue and therefore you lose control over your customer’s experience. There have been reported occasions where delivery drivers have either not handled food properly once leaving a venue, or even helped themselves to the contents of a customer’s meal. This often leads to negative customer reviews, which ultimately lands the restaurant in a bad position even if they were not at fault for the bad experience. By offering customers a convenient way to order online without the delivery, you have a lot more control over the end result for your clients.


Personalising the Experience


One of the other aspects that comes with food delivery is that restaurant staff never have the opportunity to actually meet their customer. There is no face to face interaction, so if the food quality does not meet the needs of the customer, then it is very unlikely they will return again. By offering a convenient solution for your customers to order takeaway online, your staff still have the ability to have a friendly interaction and build a connection with your customers when they arrive to collect their meal. Often this can be what makes or breaks an experience for a customer.


Whether it is a food quality issue or a lack of connection with your customers, there are many reasons why food delivery doesn’t quite compare to a convenient, order ahead app. TableTime alleviates all of these concerns by offering customers a convenient pre-order solution without the concerns associated with delivery. For more information, visit www.tabletime.com.au today!