Why You Should Switch to Mobile Payments

05 Jun 2019 | Blog

As Australia moves rapidly towards being a cashless society, restaurant owners have a vast array of digital payment solutions at their disposal. The transition from cash to card payments and now PayWave, has resulted in customers almost demanding the convenience of being able to pay without drawing cash out. But most of the tap and go solutions on offer come at a cost to merchants. More and more now, we are seeing mobile payments emerging and disrupting the more traditional payment solutions. However, the adoption has not been as quick as you would expect. But what many businesses aren’t aware of are the positive impacts that mobile payment solutions can have on their business and on the industry if they drive it with customers.
One of the more obvious reasons why restaurant owners should consider mobile payments as a solution is the fact that people are so tuned in to their mobile phones and, as such, venues should be taking advantage of the captive audience. But that’s not the only reason why restaurant owners should be looking to implement mobile solutions. Many mobile payment providers such as TableTime, are striving to grow the food industry by supporting venues with a more affordable way to manage payments.


Here are some of the reasons why you should consider switching to a mobile payment platform like TableTime:


Remove merchant fees


One of the most significant benefits of TableTime is that we offer a convenient solution for customers to order and pay for their meal at no cost to vendors. That is, no set-up fee, no ongoing subscription and best of all, we also absorb all merchant fees. Many restaurant owners can spend up to $25,000.00 on merchant fees annually—sometimes more! So by putting more transactions through TableTime, you immediately put more money back in your pocket.


Customer convenience drives sales


One of the key benefits to mobile payment solutions is the convenience for customers. With TableTime, customers have the ability to browse for food, order and pay from the palm of their hands. By giving customers this option at the time at which they are in the mindset of browsing for food, you suddenly have a captive audience to sell to. In turn, this results in larger sales volumes. Not only can you capture the market who have previously turned away because of a long queue, but you also have an opportunity to increase their basket size by offering sides or add-ons.


Improve efficiency


Because the platform was created for customers to be able to order in advance, kitchen staff also have the ability to view the orders coming through in advance. Because of this, the kitchen staff are able to plan ahead, which significantly reduces the stress during peak periods. By giving customers a chance to order and pay ahead of time, staff can become more organised in managing orders through the kitchen and delivering the best possible service no matter how busy things get.
All in all, mobile solutions like TableTime offer a win-win for both you and your customers. If you adopt a restaurant mobile payment solution like Tabletime, you also reap the benefits. Consider partnering with us today. Visit our website at https://tabletime.com.au.