How Food Ordering Apps Improve Customer Experience

10 Jan 2019 | Blog

It’s no secret that poor customer service generally leads to negative feedback from your customers. Even when your food is finger-lickin’, and the atmosphere in on-point, if your service doesn’t meet the needs of your customers, they will remember.


Unfortunately, during busy periods, keeping a consistent level of service can be very difficult. When there is a line of people waiting to be served, staff can feel pressured to pick up the pace which can often lead to orders being put through incorrectly. On top of that, staff can come across quite rude without meaning to, simply because they are feeling stressed. The good news is, order processing can now be streamlined with the use of an effective food ordering app.   


Instead of having people physically line up at the counter to order, food ordering apps allow your customers to order at their leisure from the comfort of the table. You might be thinking, surely people don’t mind lining up to order, that’s just the way it works right? Well unfortunately for some, the mere sight of a long line can turn them off staying in your venue to dine. Here’s why your customers would prefer to order their food via an app.


Customers would rather wait at the table


A common misconception with counter ordering is that customers would rather spend less time waiting for their food after their order is placed. But most customers have the common sense to understand that once they place their order, it will take some time to be prepared. In actual fact, customers are usually put off the moment they have to leave their group at the table just to stand in a queue to place their order.


More time to socialise


By giving your customers the opportunity to stay at the table, you are allowing them to maximise their time with their group who they have purposely organised to be there with. Whether it’s a Friday afternoon drink with work colleagues or a footy game with the guys, counter ordering is disruptive to your customers’ social experience.


Certainty on service time


Did you know that queue anxiety is a real thing? This is often due to the fact that customers have no certainty on how long they will be standing in  the queue waiting to place their order. The beauty of a food ordering app is that your staff have the ability to manage expectations on wait time which means customers will always have transparency on the status of their order.

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