How Mobile Ordering can Improve the Overall Experience

20 Feb 2019 | Blog

Restaurant operators should be constantly looking into opportunities on how to better serve their customers to increase revenue and customer loyalty. Consumers of all ages find food ordering platforms a convenient way to place orders. With the development of mobile ordering platforms such as TableTime now is the perfect time to incorporate this technology into your business’ operating processes which will improve the overall dining experience for your customers.


There is a common misconception that mobile ordering platforms remove the personal element of interacting with staff – this is not the case. A mobile ordering platform like TableTime is designed to assist staff in providing a better overall service by giving more control and flexibility to customers, and freeing staff to deliver a more personable service.   Not only that, TableTime removes the wait to place an order which in turn, increases the chances of your customers being satisfied with their experience in your venue.


There are multiple elements that contribute to customers visiting your venue.  Obviously great food paired with excellent customer service is key to longevity but to achieve this, venues need to stay up to date with technology and provide their customers with more convenience, control and flexibility. If you are considering adopting new technologies and advancing your customer service, start with having an efficient mobile ordering platform like TableTime. Here are just some of the ways it can help you provide your customers with a better overall experience.


Customer control


Today, many food ordering apps are gaining popularity among venues for reducing the pressure on staff to process orders quickly and correctly. By giving the customer control of their order, the instances of staff members entering orders incorrectly reduces because all of the information is clearly provided through the app and controlled by the customer. At the same time, food ordering apps allow customers to peruse the menu in their own time.  This enables customers to order when they are hungry and ready without having to even think about lining up. This level of flexibility can also often lead to greater volume in food and drink purchases.


Free up staff to offer a better overall service


There’s nothing like waiting in a long line to place an order, only to arrive at the counter to an unfriendly member of staff who is most likely feeling stressed at the sheer number of people. With a mobile ordering platform, you remove the need for staff to manually enter orders. This means they will be more available to interact and serve customers in other ways. Whether it’s welcoming customers, checking on the quality of food and drinks, building rapport, interacting with regulars, or performing other tasks like cleaning or supporting other staff. All of these elements are essential in running a successful food business and mobile ordering platforms can help alleviate some of the pressures staff currently face to achieve these goals.


Alternative ordering methods allow for flexibility


There are many types of customers with varying motivations and needs. This can often make it difficult for restaurant owners to satisfy the needs of every patron.  Some customers may belong to a big group and need to pay separately; some might just want a quick coffee fix; some will be parents with hungry and impatient kids that need to be fed quickly. There are countless types of customers with varying needs and often a long queue can put off some customers who don’t have the time or patience to stand for it. This is where a mobile ordering platform like TableTime can help cater to these needs by providing an alternative way of ordering and therefore an option for your customers who require more flexibility.


Overall, streamlining orders through the use of a mobile app like TableTime provides a huge advantage for businesses and their customers. With TableTime, businesses don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to develop mobile ordering applications. TableTime is a free and easy-to-use platform that is available for venue sign-up right now.

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