The Impact of Improving Business Operations Through A Mobile Ordering Platform

27 Feb 2019 | Blog

One of the challenges restaurants face, particularly when they get busy, is effectively managing the operational side of processing orders through the kitchen without error or mayhem. Restaurant staff can get inundated with orders, especially when there is a large volume of customers due to special events, venue promotions or simply peak trading periods.


As a restaurant owner, managing bulk orders from surging customers should not be new to you. But unfortunately, what comes with the territory are instances where panicked staff have mistakenly entered orders incorrectly or served the wrong food to your customer, or sometimes even the right food to the wrong customer. The good news is, there are better ways to manage the operational side of order processing to reduce error and take the pressure of your staff.


Start the year by utilising a mobile ordering platform to improve the efficiency of your restaurant operations. Here are just some of the benefits of integrating a pre order app into your business:


Free up staff from taking orders manually


When it comes to peak dining periods, restaurant staff can become extremely stressed when managing the influx of endless customer orders. This can often result in the staff becoming rude to customers or mistakes being made when entering customer orders into the system. With an effective order ahead app, you ultimately give your customers control over their order. This gives your staff the time to perform their other duties around your venue. Whether it’s helping deliver orders on the floor or managing the flow of orders through the kitchen, there is plenty your staff can be doing without the stress of manually entering customer orders. An app like TableTime is a great solution to alleviate the pressures of processing orders quickly and accurately.


Ordering ahead means planning ahead


One of the problems during busy periods is the stress and rush that comes with wanting to get the orders prepped and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible. Orders sometimes are missed or prepared incorrectly, making customers dissatisfied. A mobile ordering platform such as TableTime gives you the option to allow your customers to order and pay ahead. With this feature, your staff can plan customers’ meals in advance. Giving customers the flexibility to order ahead makes them feel confident that their orders are being prepared on time and it gives your kitchen more time to plan for them as well.


Managing customer expectations


One of the reasons customers can become frustrated and impolite to your staff is often because they are uncertain about how long they will be waiting to order or waiting for their food to be ready. The beauty of an app like TableTime is that it includes time management features that allow you to provide your customers with an expected wait time. Before customers place their orders, an expected waiting time will be displayed on the app so they are aware of the wait before making an order or payment. When an order is placed, staff also have the option to input a more accurate wait time. If your kitchen staff gets too busy, the displayed waiting time can be changed at any time to let the customer know when their orders will likely arrive. This feature allows your staff to manage the expectations of your customers which will ultimately reduce complaints relating to wait times.


Value of data


One of the most valuable benefits to having a mobile ordering platform is the data that can be captured and stored. Your staff can become familiar with who your customers are, the specific days they usually visit, and the food they frequently order. You can learn if certain meals are more popular than others, if some menu items are worth even having on the menu or possibly what specials to offer in future. This valuable information can then be used in planning and managing inventory for certain times of the day or week. While most POS systems already assist in inventory planning, the added benefit to a mobile ordering platform is that you also capture the data on who is ordering from your venue, not just what they order.


To sum it all up, your food business will be able to make the most of the advantages in using TableTime. You will free up your staff from manual order entries, enabling them to perform other tasks. You will be able to plan ahead by giving your customers the option to pre order, from their mobile. You will have the ability to manage customer expectations on the timing of order preparation, and finally, you will have the added benefit of gathering data about your customers, who they are and what they order to inform future business decisions.


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