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13 Feb 2019 | Blog

One of the key objectives for any club operator is to keep customers in their venue for as long as possible. After all, the longer customers stay in the venue, the more likely they are to spend on food, drinks and entertainment. Unfortunately, when the time comes for your customer to eat, if your restaurant is not well set-up, there is a chance they might decide to move on and dine elsewhere.

It is not uncommon for many clubs not to offer full table service. This is often due to the challenges they face around staff retention and even work ethic. As a result, customers instead need to order their meals from the counter, which means long lines tend to be a common problem. While there are customers who have the patience to wait in a queue, some will walk away at the sight of a long line and choose to dine elsewhere. When this occurs, every customer leaving your club is ultimately a missed opportunity for sales.

So, how do you keep your customers for longer? How do you get rid of the line-up problems?

TableTime, a mobile ordering platform helps by improving the overall club ordering experience. Customers can order through the app at their table, enjoy a drink or two with their friends, or do something fun in the venue while waiting for their food to be served. It’s that convenient! Not only that, when integrated with your existing club POS systems, orders can be processed seamlessly to the one place, making order processing more convenient for your staff as well.

When you remove the problem of long lines, you open up more opportunity for your club to generate revenue.

Here are a few ways TableTime can help:

Maximise spend on venue activities

TableTime provides your customers with the opportunity to make the most of the activities your club has to offer by removing the need to line up. The more opportunities you give your customers to enjoy your venue, the better, as you are creating more ways for your club to earn. Whether it’s relishing the view outside, watching a game on TV, listening to live music, shooting pool with friends, or hitting the pokie machines. The longer they stay in your club, the odds of them spending more is much higher.

Capitalise on drink spend

By giving your customers the option to order with TableTime, you also give them the option to enjoy a drink with their friends instead of waiting in line to order. This allows your customers to maximise their wait time by enjoying their experience in your venue rather than wasting time standing in a queue. Not only does this benefit your customer, but these additional drink orders are just another way of maximising the spend from your patrons. You never know, when it’s busy you might find some customers order 2 or 3 or even a round of drinks for their group.

Drive more sales on food orders

Sometimes the mere sight of a long line can turn customers off and cause them to move on to an alternative location to eat. By offering your guests the option to order more conveniently with TableTime, chances are you will capture guests who would have ordinarily left at the sight of the long queue. Thus, you can also capitalise on more food sales for your club as well.

Overall, TableTime, makes ordering more straightforward and enjoyable for your customers which can ultimately lead to them spending more time and more money in your venue. When integrated with your existing club POS systems it can also increase efficiency for your staff to process orders as well. All of these benefits will help in making the experience better for your customers and ultimately keep them in your club for longer.

Consider partnering with TableTime today. Visit the website at  for more information.

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